Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Let's Begin

woke up this morning (..ok make that yesterday morning now) and after looking at this (love.it) for a bit,was inspired to make my own  illustrated blog..or.. art blog..blog with pictures..thingy. since ive actually put some effort into starting this up (note fustrating attempt to use adobe illustrator above) i'm going to try and not neglect this. but..no promises. I had a wordpress blog..no..i have a wordpress blog but that was fugly and no one viwed it but me, every 2 months or so when i'd remember it existed. anyway. forget that. new beginnings!

2nd year of uni's finished, not sure how that happened. That means ample free time. but this year i have to fight the lazy and actually be productive..
ok! art blog. so..Art! I started a new painting yesterday..or the day before dunno. was meant to continue with it today but yeah..ended up fighting with adobe illustrator and bits of mega amaturish  CSS. It's currently looking like this. I'd say its in the 3rd stage of failure. Didnt do so well in stage 1: sketch mode, saved it a bit in stage 2 and now its back on a downwards slope :D. The way my pictures morph as I work is ridiculous. I dont even know why i bother with an initial sketch because it always turns out differently. And it always has to go downhill before it's any good so i have to keep convincing myself that "i can fix it. i can fix it. i can fix it" to avoid giving up or throwing my tablet out the window. She was going to be native american or something, think i'll make it more red n orangy..but she's not looking it yet and im always changing my mind so who knows.     gosh how exciting. :o
Ive seen some really good traditonal art lately and its made me want to get back to some non screen based drawing. think i'll do some reuniting with my sketchbook this week. But must finish this first. no more abandonning projects!

i want cake
those mr kipling lemon slices. mmm
in time. in time. but need to cut down on sugar. my heart was doing funny things yesterday. twas scary..

à la prochaine :)
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