Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Monday, 29 October 2012

Isi vs stuff

w.i.p of above
Autumn is pretty beautiful. It gets me all nostalgic. Just the smell of the dead leaves whips me back to primary school and all it's glory. When life was cool and simple. Now theres some kind of law that things must be over complicated. Drama created out of petty things like we're living in a tv sitcom. Actually...its the same kind of dramas that I'd relate to primary school...
"I'm not your friend anymore", lol how many times did you hear that in the playground? (come to think of it, I say that line sooo often. but NEVER seriously) Childhood relationships were all over the place. Thought we were past that crap. Turns out the adult ones are just as bad. I'm just a bit slow on catching on. I hate it when someone treats me in a way that I would've never dreamed of treating them though. It makes me just wanna be an asshole by default so any assholey attitude that comes back my way, I would've at least seen coming :/
Or maybe i'm already an asshole, I cant even tell anymore..
...This... is an unusual tone for my blog! I dont do "serious" very well. So here's some good ole fashioned  Isi-ish content:
Bros before Hoes sounds so much cooler than Chicks before Dicks... such injustice :(
 sorry that's all i've got..
No wait! In other news!! Halloween is coming up! And there's actually a SOLID PLAN in place. (Isi with a plan!? the world's gone mad!) After 21 years, I shall be discovering for the first time, what the sexy capital has to offer when it comes to spooky partying (see you there?). If by some bizarre stroke of genius I manage to pull off some kick-ass-ish outfit, (I'll probably just end up accidently looking like a black Helena Bonham Carter again... Or my done.to.death pirate) then I may pop a photo up on here...or a drawing if the photos are too horrific. and I am aware ive reverted back to boring paragraphs, straying off the path of the comic style, but it's a one(of many) off i swear!  

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Monday, 20 August 2012

feeling bloo?

Yeah...I haven't painted anything in a while, so here's a little break from my scruffy cartoons :P

Parga Chronicles Part2 will hopefully be up by Wednesday...If not, then... not till September...because we're doing another round of Greece ^^'

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Greece- Parga Chronicles, Part 1a

After a lot not very much thought
I have made the difficult decision
to chronicle my recent holiday
in comic strip(y) summary form...
Please don your patience caps, and enjoy the ride XP

wow actually...that was pretty short...next one will be longer. Promise :D

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Won/Got Free:
Boxes of Krispe Kreme Donuts
Maybelline Mascara
Bournemouth Pier Theatre tickets
Aye tis a good month.
My long overdue "creative CV" is near finished and features yet another cartoonisi:

Nearly finished moving out of my bournemouth pad :(
Greece next week
and the start of the Olympics..
God I really hope I dont come back to a smouldering city :S ...
Oh and I've passed the 3rd year of uni with no exam resit:D
Graduation is in November because it's too much to ask for it to fall on a date within my tenancy contract ¬_¬. touché Bournemouth...touché...

Monday, 25 June 2012

Word Play

Call me slow, but, It's only just recently dawned on me that the title "adolescent adult" could be taken the wrong way...
and going by some of the referring keywords on the stats page, it seems to have been misleading some people in search of...porn. And now I've just put the word porn here (twice) It'll probably come up as a result even more and piss off even more people...lolzdeloz

Oh all right, ..here you go:

Live Music Wiiin


So the competition win I mentioned in the last post was tickets for an "msn exclusives" event...basically a live music session/mini..sit down concert thingy with Michael Kiwanuka. I had just stumbled upon it randomly when comping one day and thought "what the hey" :P Even though I didnt really know who he was... I'd seen a clip of him singing "Home Again" one time but that was it.
Anyway, I went to that tonight. At the Union Chapel in Islington.

First off, let it be known that i Loove Free Things*

 There were free drinks, not 1. not 2. but 3 eaach. ...plus 1 of my friend's 3 :P I had my first San Miguel...because the advert is awesome :D and it was free so thought I'd try it. and having tried it, I still dont understand the hype of beer. It wasn't disgusting, I could finish it. but it wasnt particularly nice either. and I gave guiness another try some days ago and it was as disgusting as ever aaand I tried some white wine for the first time last night  but found it actually quite nice (despite my sister describing it as crappy watery cheap wine. so...maybe thats the type i prefer? lol)...aaand I had red wine last weekend which means...I can probably say, this has been the most alcoholic month of my entire life. and still never been drunk :p
I digress..
before Michael Kiwanuka came on, we had a performance by Ed Drewett. Again never heard of him before but was very pleased to discover him. I loved all the songs he performed, Beautiful voice and he had such a fun attitude :) Then I had to brace the public toilets to release all the free fluids I'd consumed..

Next was the main act, Kiwanuka. Either it's that I was tired, or its just down to how much...louder his performance seemed to Drewett's..due to more instruments...some of which were electrical..and not being able to hear the lyrics well..or that the songs seemed longer...or that his drummer was ridiculously good looking and therefore a distraction,..but I found myself zoning in and out. so I dont feel I apprecited it as much as I could have. maybe it just wasnt really my kind of music :( ..or just not.. acoustic-y enough for me :P

To end it all, they gave us goody bags! I thought it would be a bunch of crap with msn and capital one logos plastered all over them but actuaaally, twas a pretty damn decent haul! behold:

 The Earphones are just huhfikhsdgjgjc. Compared to my other ones which were originally "noise cancelling" but seem to have been getting progressively quieter, these babies are like melted heaven in my ears. Every song just sounds 10 times better at this volume. I just might stay up all night listening to music and doing lazylayingdowninbed dancing

(..yeah I may start using photos more in my posts thanks to my new little nikon friend )

*I only found out about Hackney Weekend 2012 and it's Free nature the Friday before it began. Thanks a lot Bournemouth ¬_¬

UPDATE: The earphones broke in...a day....so ...yeah. ¬_¬

Friday, 22 June 2012

time goes slower in London

lt's taken forever but it's finally Friday. Not got anything special on today but just noticed it's been a mega slow week. Went to a free screening of "a few best men" last night. twas alright. Then saw some of the actors of kidult/adult/anuvahood chatting outside the cinema and was surprisingly ever so slightly star struck. never took myself for the type. hmmm :s :P. It was the premiere for the film "victim" i think. Aaaand, another competition win...kinda...maybe everyone who entered got the tickets... Anyway, more on that on Monday.

Sunday, 17 June 2012


I forgot to mention last night, probably due to how ridiculously tired i was, (my body is having a hard time adjusting to not spending consecutive 24 hour periods stationed in my bed), but, my comping paid off again! I went one up from chocolate this time and won a digital camera :D a Nikon coolpix S3300. Just around the time i was thinking of replacing my crummy old one :) It's worth around £100 and 16mp so im pretty damn pleeeased. so its been:
.Divine chocolate hamper
.Digital Camera
and should go on as follows:
.Large Cash sum :P

Speaking of large cash sums, how are ITV able to give away SO MUCH MONEY.  It's crazy, every week, or every other week, they have giveaways on not just one but mulitple of their programmes, of cash prizes in the range of £3000 - £60,000 usually coupled with gadgets, cars and holidays. I know their a huge network or whatever but it still seems a bit much... They've clearly got money to spare...

Happy Father's Day


It's been a while
Uni is OVER (hopefully), I may end up needing to retake my exam but we'll see.
It feels amazing not having any looming deadlines, with assignments to get finished. Its like theres this yummy vast open road lying ahead now. It was a creepy worrying road before but since ive touched back down in London, and having spent last night and today with some awesome people everything just seems so positive and carefree now :D and London is just soooo ihsufgdvhgdvsahg i love it! (maybe I'll stay here for the rest of June..) or maybe i just love being back home or..i dunno. but im feeling a lot more motivated and..merry than i was in bournemouth....then again, before i came back, i did still have one last uni related thing to get done, so maybe it wasnt bournemouth dulling me down but rather that last attatchment...

As for my major project...well lets say i'm not too pleased with it so dont think i'll be posting it up anywhere online :P

In other news, hello again hayfever my old friend..

Thursday, 10 May 2012

anti Neglect v2.0

It's been what? a month and a half? oops. 
let me just chuck a picture on here and be on my way
I'll be more active once i finish my major project (the last assignment!!) pinky promise

Friday, 23 March 2012

Instrument of myself

I took a break from "programming"
this is an old idea that came about after hearing a priest ask "who are you an instrument of?" and I thought I was G, responding in my head with "myself :D " -_-'. Then I drew a rushed crappy version sometime (..a year?)  later as a card or something, but kept saying I'd do it properly as a digital painting one of these days...well i dont have time to do a painting at the moment sooo did this instead ..

hehehe. She's playing (with) herself. lol
ok I'll grow up.

 Looks like this is my first proper drawing of 2012.   and it's the end of March.     how sad :(

 In other news: Procrastination led me to discover Society6 yesterday.  From what I've seen so far it looks like every single artist on there is amazing, so I feel like I'm breaking some sort of rule by posting alongside them. I cant seem to find it on the site though (yes I've looked) so I'm guessing it's unwritten.. so....i'm just gonna ignore it and...continue :D
 wanna buy stuff??? >>>
. iPhone and iPod skins
. Stationary cards
. Art Prints
....and the rest you can navigate to yourself :P

Ok. back to trial and error programming

Thursday, 23 February 2012


I could've sworn the "cute monsters" design competition over on deviantart.com was over, but turns out it's not, which gave me the chance to enter it with this :D :

check it out HERE :) and if you've got a deviantart account and like it enough, click on "I'd Wear This!" to gimme a vote :D
all voters will receive ice cream *

*terms and conditions apply. To claim ice cream, visit your nearest ice cream retailer and buy some ice cream

I've started another design but i'm not really feeling it so might just ditch it and do some woooork!

In other news: It has come to my attention that I am no longer Twenteen :( I'd like to reassure everyone that despite this, my title as "Adolescent Adult" remains valid thanks to the creation of the number: Twenteenone (21).         So....yeah...everyone calm the hell down.

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