Monday, 31 October 2011


This ridiculously slow month is over :D. There shall be no trick or treating on my part tonight, as this year I dont have the luxury of having a troop of 8-12 year olds to take along with me due to not being able to/being too lazy to, go back home :(
I doubt people will be willing to give treats to a lone 20 year old who hasnt even made the effort to dress up, so I wont bother trying. HOWEVER, donations of sweets and chocolates are very welcome and advised. Please contact me or leave a comment below for details on where to send them.  

Favourites include:
Jelly Babies Pocky(Mikado)(the ones with the hazelnuts are magical but i dont mind the original). Caramac. Roses/Quality street(...well basically anything that involves a box filled with multiple pieces of chocolate.)

In other news, I think I can now be officially classed as a "comper" :D (yay?)
I tend to attempt to win things before I go ahead and buy them guitar..a house.. because the prospect of getting it for free is so beautiful and delicious. Then I never win  :(. But this past month i've (accidently) gone a bit overboard and entered truckloads. With prizes ranging from new washing machines to cars to cookware to clothes to books to sinks (yes i know this i'snt reallya range anymore) to dining tables to toys to money to biscuits to computers to handbags to bedsheets to aprons...i'll stop listing. I've just gotten carried away and  figured that if I enter THAT many then surely i'm BOUND to win at least one of them right? Right??? (all you negative nancy's dont answer that ¬_¬, I shall remain optimistic ¬_¬ and when my freebies come rolling in we'll see who's laughing. oh yes. mwhahaha)
+ a lot of these comps end today sooo i'll just be keeping an eye on my inbox this week for those "Congratulations!" emails and i'll keep you posted ;P
aaand finally here's what else i've managed to pump out this month:

Monday, 10 October 2011

Overdue end

Its finally over!!! i think/hope. After a shamefull 4 months i finished it :D. There were good times, and whole lot of bad times but we got through it in the end. I shall call her....b*tch. because she put me through hell :D. I'll go ahead and embarass myself by putting up this wonderful collage of work in progress featuring subsequent depression level of each stage. Its supposed to flow in a clean line of : line work, base colours, shadows, highlights blah blah but nooo. my process had to go all over the place. I think its the weak intial sketch that lets me down. always in a hurry to get on with the painting that i give up on the sketch before its even decent. shaky foundations. ANYWAY! all's well that ends well!! ..still cant paint hands :(

Click to enlarge for effective horrification
Add caption    no. screw you
Click to enlarge for (hopefully) better 'quality'
 In other news, after 2years + i finally got a capo for my guitar! (ok..that was last month but theres still some excitement left)  Ive also 80% learnt how to ride a bike! yes i never knew how before. not everybody gets a chance as a kid :(. and speaking of kids. after numerous encounters over the summer, ive come to the conclusion that i resemble a 15 year old. (i guess the pig tails werent helping) thus making any male above the age of hmm..20? who approaches me, a possible peaodophile

Aaand final year at uni has begun. the last hurdle! dont know how i passed 1st and 2nd year without retakes or resubmits but i did. I think the "guys at the top" who got me top grades in secondary school are still working for me :)
Im actually quite excited about my major project least i was last wednesday, maybe it'll come back once i get back to working on it. IF all goes to plan i'll be making some sort of 2D ft 3D animation called " fin. (du monde) " (yes i know im so clever!). By myself. lol that should be interesting. As a third year 'Computer visualisation and Animation' student, ive never actually animated. and maya and i have yet to bond. but hopefully it'll all be fine in the end. as usual :)
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