Monday, 29 October 2012

Isi vs stuff

w.i.p of above
Autumn is pretty beautiful. It gets me all nostalgic. Just the smell of the dead leaves whips me back to primary school and all it's glory. When life was cool and simple. Now theres some kind of law that things must be over complicated. Drama created out of petty things like we're living in a tv sitcom. Actually...its the same kind of dramas that I'd relate to primary school...
"I'm not your friend anymore", lol how many times did you hear that in the playground? (come to think of it, I say that line sooo often. but NEVER seriously) Childhood relationships were all over the place. Thought we were past that crap. Turns out the adult ones are just as bad. I'm just a bit slow on catching on. I hate it when someone treats me in a way that I would've never dreamed of treating them though. It makes me just wanna be an asshole by default so any assholey attitude that comes back my way, I would've at least seen coming :/
Or maybe i'm already an asshole, I cant even tell anymore..
...This... is an unusual tone for my blog! I dont do "serious" very well. So here's some good ole fashioned  Isi-ish content:
Bros before Hoes sounds so much cooler than Chicks before Dicks... such injustice :(
 sorry that's all i've got..
No wait! In other news!! Halloween is coming up! And there's actually a SOLID PLAN in place. (Isi with a plan!? the world's gone mad!) After 21 years, I shall be discovering for the first time, what the sexy capital has to offer when it comes to spooky partying (see you there?). If by some bizarre stroke of genius I manage to pull off some kick-ass-ish outfit, (I'll probably just end up accidently looking like a black Helena Bonham Carter again... Or my pirate) then I may pop a photo up on here...or a drawing if the photos are too horrific. and I am aware ive reverted back to boring paragraphs, straying off the path of the comic style, but it's a one(of many) off i swear!  

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