Saturday, 17 September 2011

mmm shiny

turns out my crappy camera ft PS isnt all that bad afterall 

Back in Bournemouth for a little while. and it sucks. Ooh i had a "countryside adventure" last week with Amandapanda. chilled with some sheep, sank in mud and hitched rides from strangers into the middle of nowhereish. Illustrations to come...maybe..


  1. wow thats really amazing

    and awesome! i want to hitch hike!

  2. well to be honest it wasnt really hitchiking. that was gna be a last resort :P. we just luckily found a random house with the lights on at night and asked the old couple who lived there to call us a taxi, and when that failed thy gave us a ride. ..a scary ride :s
    and the next day it was some guy who we asked for directions who ended up giving us a ride in his van :)

  3. Hahaha!!! Good times Isi!!! good times!!! the scenery was beautiful though. we really should have taken the van guys number so we can do the abseil but you live and learn....... Peak D ftw

    1. abseil? i have no idea what youre talking about :S when did he mention abseiling?? hehe i still read "ftw" as "f**** the what" first time round


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