Monday, 10 October 2011

Overdue end

Its finally over!!! i think/hope. After a shamefull 4 months i finished it :D. There were good times, and whole lot of bad times but we got through it in the end. I shall call her....b*tch. because she put me through hell :D. I'll go ahead and embarass myself by putting up this wonderful collage of work in progress featuring subsequent depression level of each stage. Its supposed to flow in a clean line of : line work, base colours, shadows, highlights blah blah but nooo. my process had to go all over the place. I think its the weak intial sketch that lets me down. always in a hurry to get on with the painting that i give up on the sketch before its even decent. shaky foundations. ANYWAY! all's well that ends well!! ..still cant paint hands :(

Click to enlarge for effective horrification
Add caption    no. screw you
Click to enlarge for (hopefully) better 'quality'
 In other news, after 2years + i finally got a capo for my guitar! (ok..that was last month but theres still some excitement left)  Ive also 80% learnt how to ride a bike! yes i never knew how before. not everybody gets a chance as a kid :(. and speaking of kids. after numerous encounters over the summer, ive come to the conclusion that i resemble a 15 year old. (i guess the pig tails werent helping) thus making any male above the age of hmm..20? who approaches me, a possible peaodophile

Aaand final year at uni has begun. the last hurdle! dont know how i passed 1st and 2nd year without retakes or resubmits but i did. I think the "guys at the top" who got me top grades in secondary school are still working for me :)
Im actually quite excited about my major project least i was last wednesday, maybe it'll come back once i get back to working on it. IF all goes to plan i'll be making some sort of 2D ft 3D animation called " fin. (du monde) " (yes i know im so clever!). By myself. lol that should be interesting. As a third year 'Computer visualisation and Animation' student, ive never actually animated. and maya and i have yet to bond. but hopefully it'll all be fine in the end. as usual :)


  1. Stunning! So you're going to call it'B*tch de l'Enfer'? or simply for family friendly reasons 'de l'Enfer'?

  2. ooo B*tch de l'enfer has a nce ring to it :D I already went and uploaded it on deviantart as 'source' :( but B*tch de l'enfer will deffo be the alternate non public title :D


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