Monday, 31 October 2011


This ridiculously slow month is over :D. There shall be no trick or treating on my part tonight, as this year I dont have the luxury of having a troop of 8-12 year olds to take along with me due to not being able to/being too lazy to, go back home :(
I doubt people will be willing to give treats to a lone 20 year old who hasnt even made the effort to dress up, so I wont bother trying. HOWEVER, donations of sweets and chocolates are very welcome and advised. Please contact me or leave a comment below for details on where to send them.  

Favourites include:
Jelly Babies Pocky(Mikado)(the ones with the hazelnuts are magical but i dont mind the original). Caramac. Roses/Quality street(...well basically anything that involves a box filled with multiple pieces of chocolate.)

In other news, I think I can now be officially classed as a "comper" :D (yay?)
I tend to attempt to win things before I go ahead and buy them guitar..a house.. because the prospect of getting it for free is so beautiful and delicious. Then I never win  :(. But this past month i've (accidently) gone a bit overboard and entered truckloads. With prizes ranging from new washing machines to cars to cookware to clothes to books to sinks (yes i know this i'snt reallya range anymore) to dining tables to toys to money to biscuits to computers to handbags to bedsheets to aprons...i'll stop listing. I've just gotten carried away and  figured that if I enter THAT many then surely i'm BOUND to win at least one of them right? Right??? (all you negative nancy's dont answer that ¬_¬, I shall remain optimistic ¬_¬ and when my freebies come rolling in we'll see who's laughing. oh yes. mwhahaha)
+ a lot of these comps end today sooo i'll just be keeping an eye on my inbox this week for those "Congratulations!" emails and i'll keep you posted ;P
aaand finally here's what else i've managed to pump out this month:


  1. Good luck with all the competitions! Hopefully you'll win one! Loving your October work, hope you had a good Hallowe'en!

  2. Thanks! :D. so far my inbox is empty but it's still early days :P yeah halloween was fun! now to just keep an eye out for tesco knocking down the prices on all their unsold halloween sweets. mmm good times. yum times :)

  3. I sometimes wish I was an American child, on Hallowe'en you're bound to get free sweets! Like every year! And you wouldn't get free sweets, you get what they call free candy which doesn't sound as sticky.

  4. lol and 'candy' encompases sweets AND chocolates! gosh what convenient language :D


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