Friday, 11 November 2011


It worked/ is working! So far i've won a chocolate hamper :P

However, there was NO delightful congratulatory email in my inbox informing me of this :(.  Just a message from my sister about the arrival of a mysterious package back home. ( I just had to go and win the one for which i'd accidently entered my london address ¬_¬) 
 There wasnt even a letter or anything with it, just some "if undelivered" details. So we had to play sherlock holmes over the phone and internet to figure out who the hell sent it and why.
Turns out it's probably from "woman and home" magazine..
Theres a few dodgy ones in the bunch. dark chocolate with ginger and orange...dark chocolate with raspberry..beurk.  ...I'll still eat it

Anyway, I cant enjoy them till I go back home which wont be for another 2 weeks or something -_-.
I'll spend this time building up my sweet tooth and preparing my body for excessive chocolate consumption.. gentle stretches..roly polys..the usual warm up.

I'll let you all know when i win my car
or my toaster..

and just to keep this thing "illustrated":



  1. Loving this! All those competitions were worth it. Looks like a great haul.

  2. Omg congrats! Dude Divine is like one of the best chocolate brands ever!!!! I buy it all the time at Uni :D you are in for some serious indulgence!

    And I love that illustration style!

  3. i havent had divine in ages but i remember it being pretty awesome :D the illustration style is known as "scruffy" if your interested lol :P

  4. It sort of reminds me of the art you find in children's books like Roald Dahl :D - you should try illustrate a well known story/ someone else's story/ your own stories.


  5. hey thats a good idea. and i could do it just for fun but it'd be good practice too. Then maybe one day i'll finally get round to doing my comic :D

  6. haha - yeah keep it fun, no pressure :)

  7. HAHAHA!! last pic is legend. I am still waiting for my big win so far I have been offered erection pills. ( could that be considered as a big win?!)

  8. lol well if they work I guess theyd result in a "big" win of sorts. gerrit? lol i'm sorry my jokes suck. last week i won £5 from some free postcode lottery mini draw thing. still no large cash sum or car tho :/


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