Sunday, 17 June 2012


It's been a while
Uni is OVER (hopefully), I may end up needing to retake my exam but we'll see.
It feels amazing not having any looming deadlines, with assignments to get finished. Its like theres this yummy vast open road lying ahead now. It was a creepy worrying road before but since ive touched back down in London, and having spent last night and today with some awesome people everything just seems so positive and carefree now :D and London is just soooo ihsufgdvhgdvsahg i love it! (maybe I'll stay here for the rest of June..) or maybe i just love being back home or..i dunno. but im feeling a lot more motivated and..merry than i was in bournemouth....then again, before i came back, i did still have one last uni related thing to get done, so maybe it wasnt bournemouth dulling me down but rather that last attatchment...

As for my major project...well lets say i'm not too pleased with it so dont think i'll be posting it up anywhere online :P

In other news, hello again hayfever my old friend..

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