Sunday, 17 June 2012


I forgot to mention last night, probably due to how ridiculously tired i was, (my body is having a hard time adjusting to not spending consecutive 24 hour periods stationed in my bed), but, my comping paid off again! I went one up from chocolate this time and won a digital camera :D a Nikon coolpix S3300. Just around the time i was thinking of replacing my crummy old one :) It's worth around £100 and 16mp so im pretty damn pleeeased. so its been:
.Divine chocolate hamper
.Digital Camera
and should go on as follows:
.Large Cash sum :P

Speaking of large cash sums, how are ITV able to give away SO MUCH MONEY.  It's crazy, every week, or every other week, they have giveaways on not just one but mulitple of their programmes, of cash prizes in the range of £3000 - £60,000 usually coupled with gadgets, cars and holidays. I know their a huge network or whatever but it still seems a bit much... They've clearly got money to spare...

Happy Father's Day

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