Saturday, 25 June 2011

itchy sunshine

The sun has finally decided to start showing itself. so too has a mysterious spell (can i say that?) of hayfever. It came creeping up on me even before the nice weather and i havent even been exposing myself to nature at all. i was wandering through the sunny woods several times in bournemouth some weeks ago and i only ever got a slightly runny nose. now im breathing through my mouth every night, sneezing and itching my eye, which, at the time of itching feels soooo good. but at the end leaves it all sore and me looking like a zombie, as illustrated above...yes i gave adobe illustrator the finger and drew that in photoshop. thus saving myself..2 hours or so. bask in the glory of my scratchy line art mwhaha :P
New work in progress. feck yay!

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