Thursday, 14 July 2011

random sketches and slow progress

I've been reunited with pencils :) :)   ^ that's a Titeuf cover i redrew in a less cartoony but still kinda cartoony style :P cant blame him for being pissed. he's got that much hair left n hasnt even hit puberty yet. I dont understand how that  comic/show is for kids :s. and they show family guy, american dad and southpark during the day here without bleeping out any naughty words  hehe.

Here's a crappy scrappy lil unfinished comic. these events did not occur...apart from the first panel.

aaand.. dont really know what this is..

as for the painting which started off quite well..T__T its been giving me hell. lovely dose of depression most times i open the file. but i'll conquer it before the end of the month. somehow

happy 14th July to anyone who cares :D


  1. Yay! New entry!

    What happened on the 14th?????

  2. its Bastille day in france..celebrating something or the other..:P
    is this lealealea? :D

  3. yes indeedy isiisiisiisi :D i haven't forgetten about you or your letter - I'm just poor in monies and words at the moment :/

  4. no worries. i havnt been in bmth to receive it all this time anyways :P


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