Thursday, 21 July 2011

Culinary Secrets #1 + daylight robbery and things..

i'm aware this is pretty stupid but ive already gone and drawn it so...nyaaa
Crossed the sea and back in England. Got searched at the port.   Because i look like a terrorist.    The policeman went through all three of my bags, untidying my careful arrangment of junk in my duffle bag ¬_¬
He said "you sounded nervous when you were talking to me" (which is bullshize ¬_¬) and thats why he had to check my bags. I wont use the "it's because im black" argument but.. :P

Took a taxi due to laziness and the driver played me like a foool. taking long routes so when the counter had gone up to £12  we were only 2 minutes away from the port. Then when we got to my road at a painful £21something, he DIDNT go straight down it, he broke off into a side road and did a little loop to rejoin the main road further down. Then he tried to do it AGAIN. like im an idiot. But i told him to go straight ahead.  I wish i had my mum's attitude sometimes. She would have told him off and paid him less than that £24something. £24. Screw you laziness

And Tesco.
81p for my cheap cola now eh?
i dont bloody think so.
adding little bits on since December and thought i wouldnt notice. i allowed you from 49p-50p i allowed you 50p-52p
but  52p-81p? ha! dream on. Im drinking water
im not cheap (yes i am) I just dont like being cheated.

Japan won the women's football world cup :) USA floopped on penalties les pauvres.
I wanna play football again.

and oh yeah!! I DROVE A CAR! for the first time ever!
..just a little bit. around an empty Decathalon car park. it was dark and wet (because i'm hardcore)
twas a french car so it might be confusing when i try it out here.
but i didnt even crash (or nearly crash) it (which i found amazing) so Ronan, you're a great instructor.
damn its hard to keep these short -_-'


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