Saturday, 16 July 2011


^ I kinda like this now :P
They say i shouldnt say n'importe nawak. use 'n'importe quoi' instead. but n'importe nawak sounds funnier so try and stop me :D its verlan. nawak is like a backwards pronunciation of "quoi"....with an n stuck on... I remember discovering verlan back in secondary school (thankyou bbc languages site) french slang is so cool sans deconner << XD new expression..phrase..thingy yayz. ooh and 'nickel'! lol.
Think ive grown up a bit :( went to some bookstores yesterday and none of the bande dessinĂ©e's (yeah i english-ize french words with "  's  " because i'm ..hardcore.) attracted me enough for me to want to buy them..either that or my economic convenience radar.. thingy is evolving.
I need to make a comic..a proper one..where i dont make up the story as i go along..

Tried "profiteroles"(..with ice cream on the inside not yucky whipped cream...) yesterday. we got on very well..


  1. You don't like whipped creeeeaaam???! D:

  2. unless its had sugar added to it no. the stuff in the cans tastes like nothiing :(

  3. oh i thought they were lightly sweetened???

    i love cream ^ 3^ ohoho yum yum..

  4. well if they are then lightly's not good enough for me :D


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